members card FAQ’s


What is the Members Card?

Members Card is an easy way to pick up great rewards every time you pop into your local participating Pitcher & Piano. Just use your Members Card or Members Card App whenever you visit, and you could receive anything from a free drink to 50% off food.

Do I qualify for Members Card?

To join, you’ll need:

• A working mobile phone and valid phone number so you can get the voucher codes.

• A valid email address

• To be aged 18 or older.

Don’t have a phone? Unfortunately, you can’t join Members Card yet. But we’re looking into it for the future.

How do I sign up for Members Card?

Signing up for Members Card is simple and you can do it at any participating Pitcher & Piano.

• Pick up a Members Card by the tablet in the bar, or if you’d rather use your smartphone, download the Members Card App (it’s an app that you can find in the App Store or Google Play). Just search Members Card.

• To fill out our quick registration form, tap your card or smartphone on the Members Card tablet. It should be easy to spot, but if you can’t find it, just ask someone who works at the bar.

• Your reward is shown on the tablet screen. If you want it, simply push the button when you’re asked. Then wait for a text message and email with the offer and voucher code.

• Show a member of staff the voucher code we text you and we’ll give you your first reward.

How do I claim a reward?

When you tap your card or phone on the tablet, the screen will prompt you to accept your offer. We’ll then send a text message and an email to your phone within a couple of seconds (be patient, though).

The text and email will have a unique voucher code that you need to show the staff. This code verifies the offer. Remember, each offer is only available for one transaction.

Will I get a new reward every time I visit?

A new offer is available once every day.

How long do I have to redeem the offers?

Each offer will be available for a different period of time. You’ll find this out in the text message and email.

When can I start claiming rewards?

Straight away! You need to redeem your first reward before you can start getting new offers when you visit again. Some offers can be redeemed the day you get them and some will be for another visit.

What sort of rewards will I enjoy with Members Card?

Each time you visit we’ll give you a great reward.

Normally it’ll be something you can redeem then and there, like a free side or money off a bite to eat.

Sometimes we’ll give you an offer you can enjoy the next time you visit.

And every now and then you might receive something really special, like free tickets to an event.

Can I choose which offer I want?

Afraid not. Offers are chosen at random, so you can only claim what’s presented to you. There will be another offer for you the next time you visit.

How are the offers selected?

All offers are chosen at random. So it’ll be a nice surprise! 

Why do I have a different offer to one of my friends?

Because the offers are chosen randomly, it’s your own personal reward. 

Can I share my rewards with my friends?

The offer is valid for one use only and for YOU, so you can’t share your rewards, but anyone who’s 18 or over can sign up. So make sure all your friends pick up a Members Card or get the Member Card App. That said, if one of your rewards is free drinks with our P&P sharer, maybe you can spare them a nacho or two. 

What if I don’t want to use an offer?

No problem. We’ll hold your next offer until you on your next visit. It is valid for 30 days

How often can I touch in to get an offer?

You can use Members Card once a day to get a reward.

Can I use Members Card at other Pitcher & Piano bars?

Yes, as long as they participate in Members Card.

Where can I find out which pubs are running Members Card?

You can find participating Pitcher & Piano bars by clicking Here

What if I lose my card or change phone?

Simply re-register with another card or download the app again.  Your old app or card will be voided.

What should I do if my Members Card or Members Card App aren’t working?

Let a member of our team know and they’ll make sure you don’t miss out.

What happens if I don’t get a text or email?

Firstly try registering to the bar Wi-Fi, as signal might be the problem.  If that still doesn’t work, let a member of staff know and they’ll make sure you don’t miss out.

I use a physical Members Card. Can I switch and use the Members Card App instead?

Of course. You’ll need to download the Members Card App and register again with the same mobile number so we can transfer your details.

Can I use Members Card offers with other offers?

Members Card offers can’t be used with any other promotion or offer, apart from offers displayed on the main menus. For example, it can’t be used with any other offer or voucher code you get in an email. 

Is the Members Card App available for Windows or Blackberry phones?

Right now, the Members Card App is only available on iOS and Android devices. If you have a Windows or Blackberry phone, we recommend registering with a Members Card instead.

What if I delete the Members Card App?

Simply download it again.  Remember to re-register at the bar tablet again.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe to Members Card using the link on one of our emails. If you’re already subscribed to communications from the bar, this won’t unsubscribe you from that mailing list. If you register for Members Card again, you won’t get another sign up offer, but you will be able to receive other Members Card offers.

Where can I see terms and conditions for the offers?

When you get an offer’s voucher code in a text message and email, we’ll also give you a link to terms and conditions.

Where can I find the general terms and conditions for Members Card?

Each offer has its own terms and conditions, and you can see these in the text messages and emails we send for them. 

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