World Cucumber Day

Ring the bell! It's here! Celebrate World Cucumber Day with a slice of the unusual...

Hendrick’s is on a mission to reveal why cats are terrified of cucumbers and are offering unique, unconventional advice to help manage cats’ fear of cucumbers on World Cucumber Day! Follow @hendricksgin to find out more!

Why not celebrate with a classic Hendirck's G&T? 



Father's Day

Toast an extra special roast this Sunday!

Father's Day is just six days away so why not book a table with us to celebrate?

Treat your dad to one of our delicious roasts this Sunday. Choose from Roast Topside of English Beef, Slow-Roasted Belly of Pork, Half a Roast Chicken or Red Onion & Roasted Vegetable Wellington!

All topped off with a classic summer dessert!

World Gin Day

World Gin Day is here and it's time to celebrate! 

Our range of premium gin is perfect for fans of the simple G&T plus we've got some delicious gin cocktails on our menu including the Pineapple & Basil Sling, Orange & Raspberry Cooler and the classic Negroni.

So whatever you fancy, now’s the day to raise a glass or three.

Plus it's also the Queen's Birthday so there's no better excuse to celebrate this Saturday!

Bottoms up!

Moët Party Day

Seize the moment. Join us and Moët & Chandon on Saturday 11th June to celebrate Moët Party Day!

We're giving you the chance to enjoy a mini bottle of Moët on the house at:

  • P&P Nottingham
  • P&P Hitchin
  • P&P Chester
  • P&P York
  • P&P Southampton

Join us from midday on Saturday 11th June and show our Facebook post to get your free mini bottle of Moët! 

But hurry once they’re gone, they’re gone! #MOETPARTYDAY #MOETMOMENT

Euro 2016

Euro 2016 kicks off on Friday 10th June! 

Loads of our bars are showing the games.

With big screens and bookable areas – there’s no better place to watch the action unfold than at Pitcher & Piano!

Euro 2016 Match Fixtures

Group A
France v Romania (2000, June 10, St-Denis, ITV)
Albania v Switzerland (1400, June 11, Lens, BBC)
Romania v Switzerland (1700, June 15, Paris, ITV)
France v Albania (2000, June 15, Marseille, ITV)
Romania v Albania (2000, June 19, Lyon, BBC)
Switzerland v France (2000, June 19, Lille, BBC)

Group B
Wales v Slovakia (1700, June 11, Bordeaux, BBC)
England v Russia (2000, June 11, Marseille, ITV)
Russia v Slovakia (1400, June 15, Lille, BBC)
England v Wales (1400, June 16, Lens, BBC)
Russia v Wales (2000, June 20, Toulouse, ITV)
Slovakia v England (2000, June 20, St-Etienne, ITV)

Group C
Poland v Northern Ireland (1700, June 12, Nice, BBC)
Germany v Ukraine (2000, June 12, Lille, BBC)
Ukraine v Northern Ireland(1700, June 16, Lyon, ITV)
Germany v Poland (2000, June 16, St-Denis, ITV)
Ukraine v Poland (1700, June 21, Marseille, BBC)
Northern Ireland v Germany (1700, June 21, Paris, BBC)

Group D
Turkey v Croatia (1400, June 12, Paris, ITV)
Spain v Czech Republic(1400, June 13, Toulouse, ITV)
Czech Republicv Croatia (1700, June 17, St-Etienne, BBC)
Spain v Turkey (2000, June 17, Nice, ITV)
Czech Republic v Turkey (2000, June 21, Lens, ITV)
Croatia v Spain (2000, June 21, Bordeaux, ITV)

Group E
Republic of Ireland v Sweden (1700, June 13, St-Denis, BBC)
Belgium v Italy (2000, June 13, Lyon, BBC)
Italy v Sweden (1400, June 17, Toulouse, ITV)
Belgium v Republic of Ireland (1400, June 18, Bordeaux, ITV)
Italy v Republic of Ireland (2000, June 22, Lille, ITV)
Sweden v Belgium (2000, June 22, Nice, ITV)

Group F
Austria v Hungary (1700, June 14, Bordeaux, ITV)
Portugal v Iceland (2000, June 14, St-Etienne, BBC)
Iceland v Hungary (1700, June 18, Marseille, BBC)
Portugal v Austria (2000, June 18, Paris, BBC)
Iceland v Austria (1700, June 22, St-Denis, BBC)
Hungary v Portugal (1700, June 22, Lyon, BBC)

Last 16
Match 1: Runner-up Group A v Runner-up C (1400, June 25, St-Etienne)
Match 2: Winner D v Third-place B/E/F (2000, June 25, Lens)
Match 3: Winner B v Third-place A/C/D (1700, June 25, Paris)
Match 4: Winner F v Runner-up E (2000, June 26, Toulouse)
Match 5: Winner C v Third-place A/B/F (1700, June 26, Lille)
Match 6: Winner E v Runner-up D (1700, June 27, St-Denis)
Match 7: Winner A v Third-place C/D/E (1400, June 27, Lyon)
Match 8: Runner-up B v Runner-up F (2000, June 27, Nice)

1: Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2 (2000, June 30, Marseille)
2: Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4 (2000, July 1, Lille)
3: Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 6 (2000, July 2, Bordeaux)
4: Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8 (2000, July 3, St-Denis)

1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 (2000, July 6, Lyon)
2: Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 (2000, July 7, Marseille)

Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (2000, July 10, St-Denis)

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